What do you know about the spirit world?

What is life like on the other side?


Is this all there is, this physical life?

The consciousness of the planet is changing, everyday we see countries ruled by dictators being overthrown in favor of democracy. Those who are empowered by a higher consciousness are not willing to be silent anymore. They will not sit idly by and watch those who are corrupt take control. No longer will they allow the bully to rule their country. 

It is the time for FREEDOM of mind, FREEDOM of spirit and FREEDOM basic human rights. The time of the oppressor is gone, no matter if that oppression  is by force or by religion.

It is time that all children of God walked the path of truth that is the birth right of all humans everywhere on this great planet. The time is NOW and YOU are the creator of your future.   

We call upon the leaders of the FREE world to take action against any oppressor holding their population hostage ignoring basic against human rights.

We live on one planet and every individual both male and female have the right to a higher way of thinking and understanding. It is our Birth right, our Human right and our God given right. And we demand it.